Monday, 18 August 2014

What's in the Headlines?

Germany has been caught spying on John Kerry

Der Spiegel have said that the German foreign intelligence agency recorded at least one of John Kerry’s phone conversations after “accidentally” picking up the phone call. German officials have condemned the U.S. for past surveillance carried out on the German population. BND (Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service) intercepted Kerry’s Middle East negotiations with the Israelis, the Palestinians, and other Arab states last year.

German security agents have also been accused of tapping a conversation held between Hillary Clinton and former U.N. chief Kofi Annan regarding negotiations in Syria. The conversation was tapped in 2012 when Clinton was Secretary of State and was later destroyed. German media retrieved the information from documents passed to the CIA by one of its informants inside the BND.

Regional broadcasters NDR said on Friday “apparently, phone calls by US politicians and from other friendly nations have been repeatedly recorded and submitted to the respective BND President as instructed”. A discovery of documents showed the German government had ordered the BND to spy on NATO partner states, these countries were not named. However, Der Spiegel revealed on Saturday that the BND had been spying on Turkey since 2009. The German government supposedly reviews its espionage program every four years but did not modify its priorities after the Edward Snowden-NSA scandal

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