Monday, 11 August 2014

What's in the Headlines?


The death toll mounted to more than 961 individuals, with nearly 30 deaths occurring on Tuesday and Wednesday alone. Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and most recently Nigeria have been effected by the most severe outbreak since the virus was discovered. The World Health Organisation have asked leaders of effected countries to activate national disaster mechanisms. Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan said that Ebola “is an infectious disease which can be contained . . . by no means implies that all countries, or that many countries, will see Ebola cases."

The US Food and Drug Administration has lifted regulatory holds on the experimental drug that Tekmira Pharmaceuticals has been developing for Ebola outbreaks. The experimental drug has shown the ability to protect non-human primates from Ebola. Human trials began in January, however full FDA approval is yet to be given.

The two US aid workers who contracted Ebola remain in isolation in Atlanta. Officials say they have been given an experimental drug known as ZMapp. The health of the two aid workers is said to be improving. Returning aid workers who have worked in Ebola affected countries are being placed in a three week quarantine by Health Officials in North Carolina. 

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