Monday, 11 August 2014

What's in the Headlines?

Israel - Gaza

Egypt proposed another 72 hour ceasefire between Gaza and Israel on Sunday night. A previous three day ceasefire ended on Friday as negotiations in Cairo failed. Hamas has demanded the lifting of the Israel-Egypt blockade on Gaza and the release of around 100 political prisoners held by Israel. Israel demands that Hamas disarm. Hamas has threatened escalation of rocket attacks if demands are not met and in response Israel have said that they will not negotiate while under fire. 

Earlier this week Israel pulled its ground troops from Gaza as their operation to demolish Hamas’s underground tunnel network was ‘accomplished'. 

20,000 people protested Israel’s military action in London on Saturday 9th August. Demonstrations also took place in Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin. 

Death toll: approximately 1900 Palestinians, 67 Israelis (3 of which are civilians). Over 220,000 Palestinians have been displaced since the beginning of the conflict.

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