Friday, 12 September 2014

What's in the Headlines?

U.S. Air Marshal assaulted at Nigerian airport 

A U.S. air marshal was assaulted with a syringe containing an "unknown substance" at the Lagos airport in Nigeria on Sunday. There were fears that the syringe may have contained the Ebola virus that has claimed over 2,400 lives in western Africa. However officials have determined that the needle did not appear to contain Ebola or any other dangerous agent.

Officials from the Federal airports authority of Nigeria (FAAN) are in contact with U.S. diplomats to help with the investigation. Yakubu Dati, a spokesperson for FAAN said that a security team form the U.S. mission in Nigeria have reviewed CCTV footage and the Preliminary observation did not show evidence of the incident. The FBI continue to investigate the incident. 

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