Monday, 1 September 2014

What's in the Headlines?

Western action against the Islamic State continues

Shia Turkomans living in the Iraqi city of Amirli have been cut off from food and water for nearly two months by Islamic State militants. The city has fortified its position and has been fighting off Islamic State forces since June. The US delivered aid to Amirli and conducted air strikes in the surrounding area hitting three Humvee patrol vehicles, a tank and an armed vehicle held by militants in addition to a checkpoint held by IS. The air strikes cleared a route in which Iraqi troops rescued 12,000 residents of the city.

Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister of Australia, has agreed to assist the US in delivering weapons and humanitarian aid to Kurdish fighters in Iraq. Australia will join Canada, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom in a multinational effort to curb the advance of Islamic State fighters in the region. The Australian government is not providing weapons itself but will be delivering the equipment supplied by other nations.

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