Friday, 12 September 2014

What's in the Headlines?

UK Military will now be relying on it's own media 

The British military devoting more of its resources to filming and photographing its own operations, leaving journalists who document the lives and actions of military personnel slightly out of the loop. It is argues that future conflict that will involve the British military will not likely be a boots on the ground situation like we witnessed in Afghanistan. Infrastructure will not be in place to support a mass of reporters, the documentation of these events will be in the hands of military journalists or “media operators” from the British Army’s Media Operations Group (MOG).

The MOG will be sharing its training facilities with 15 (UK) Psychological Operations Group under the banner of the newly-formed Security Assistance Group - a support Group for the British Army specialising in psyops, content creation, and propaganda. Although NATO's public affairs policy states that the two functions should operate separately. The move signifies a merger of the two contrasting military divisions, the MOG known for documenting objective truths and 15 PsyOps known for conveying what is known as the "dark arts", usually directing its material at an enemy's audience.

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