Monday, 8 September 2014

What's in the Headline?

Saboteur arrested at Iranian nuclear power plant 

Iranian authorities have arrested a Ukrainian national suspected of sabotage at the country's sole nuclear power plant. An Iranian newspaper, Hamshahri daily, said the "Ukrainian expert" was affiliated with a Russian contractor that works in the power plant. The report did not elaborate on the timing or nature of the alleged sabotage. Iran suspects Western countries of being involved in this plot. In 2010 Iran held Israel and the west responsible for cyber virus attacks which disrupted thousands of centrifuges, which are used in the production of fuel. The west and their allies suspect that Iran is using its power plant as a guise for a nuclear weapons programme.

UN inspectors have gained rare access to an Iranian nuclear facility, giving them a "better understanding" of Tehran's disputed programme. Despite the visit Iran continues to refuse an inspection headed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Inspectors visited a research and development centre for centrifuges on 30 August. Iran says it will use it’s refined uranium to fuel a proposed series of power plants. If enriched to a high concentration of the U-235 isotope of uranium can also be turned into the explosive core of an atomic bomb. There is no evidence that Iran is planning to weaponise the uranium, but western countries continue to impose sanctions on Iran. 

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